Ye Mantram Vesave Movie Review

Ye-Mantram-Vesave-reviewYe Mantram Vesave Movie Review

Cast-Vijay Deverakonda, Shivani Singh, Sivannarayana and others

Director – Sridhar Marri

Producer – Sridhar Marri

Banner – Goli Soda Films

Music – Abdus Samad


Arjun Reddy popularity Vijay Deverakonda’s for quite some time deferred film Ye Mantram Vesave is at last out in theaters. The film is bad to the point that Vijay avoided advancing it.

What is it about?

Nikhil otherwise known as Nikki (Vijay) is a computer game lover. He determines fun as well as profits out of playing diversions on the web. Raga Malika false name Rags (Shivani) is a computer game planner who makes an all new diversion that necessities individuals to turn out on streets to play it. She picks Nikki as the correct man to play her amusement no doubt. How Rags plays with Nikki utilizing her gaming traps frames rest of the story.


The film is five years of age and Vijay is by all accounts underprepared as a performing artist. His normal appeal is there, however he seemed dumbfounded in the greater part of the scenes. Chief’s poor vision must be rebuked for the awful show of on-screen characters. Shivani is neither wonderful nor can act. She just gazes vacantly into the camera and the main articulation she could do it right is to grin. Other than Amrutham Sivannarayana none of the supporting cast is known.


Sridhar Marri’s plan to give a solid social message is estimable, yet he has thought of a terrible content and executed it in even awkward way. There isn’t a solitary commendable component to say from the specialized side. Music is terrible, exchanges are exhausting, cinematography is loathsome and the manager more likely than not had put in so much diligent work place everything all together. Awful shot making, terrible confining, awful foundation score and so forth, the film is a wreck on the specialized front.

Thumbs Up:

Vijay’s boyish appeal

Thumbs Down:

Everything else


Vijay Deverakonda is unquestionably not glad for being a piece of Ye Mantram Vesave. He didn’t desire the advancements and just specified that he too had ‘accumulations’ implying at the since a long time ago deferred venture. He more likely than not marked this film when he was battling for offers. The film got postponed, and after that Pelli Choopulu happened and rest is history.

Ye Mantram Vesave will go down as a forgettable film for the youthful and gifted on-screen character. The film is awful from the word go. It resembles viewing a poor B review film with scarcely any financial plan. Indeed, even short movies are being improved with quality and generation esteems of late.

The film depends on the idea that adolescent is becoming mixed up in the computerized world and not offering esteems to human feelings. It could have been a greatly improved film in the correct hands. Story and screenplay are entirely terrible and the chief executes it like a disciple. Chief endeavored to trick the group of onlookers by making a phony scalawag, yet the endeavor reverse discharges as the peak wound up as a wreck.

The film depends on a diversion and not by any means one scene makes it an exciting watch. The amusement is as exhausting as whatever is left of the film. There are constrained feelings as well, yet we as group of onlookers could scarcely feel the agony they experience. Truth be told group of onlookers will experience damnation watching this unpleasant film than any other individual.

With everything taken into account, YVM is a film that will influence gathering of people to wish that the performance centers were stayed shut for one more week. Vijay must expectation that the film goes unnoticed and overlooked soon.