MLA Movie Review


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MLA Movie Review and Rating 

CAST- Kalyan Ram, Kajal, Ravi Kishan, Brahmanandam, Pruthvi, Ajay, Prabhas Srinu, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore and others

Director – Upendra Madhav

Producer – Kiran Reddy, Bharat Chowdary

Banner – Blue Planet Entertainments

Music – Mani Sharma



Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s most recent Film MLA – Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi is a mass performer that adheres to the business format. It is fun in parts yet winds up as a normal passage.

MLA Movie Review

What is it about?

(Kalyan Ram) goes gaga for Indu (Kajal), who is now connected with to Gadappa (Ravi Kishan), a sitting MLA. Kalyan comes to persuade Indu’s dad to cross out the engagement. Her dad needs MLA as the child in law and requests that Kalyan challenge as MLA and win to wed Indu. How Kalyan goes up against the sitting MLA utilizing his knowledge finishes up the story.


Kalyan Ram has gone for a smart makeover and pulled off this character easily. He is especially great in the showdown scenes with Ravi Kishan, who rehashes his demonstration from Race Gurram. Kajal Agarwal has a constrained part to play and she is okay. Posani Krishna Murali’s drama is gone for the majority. Brahmanandam’s long scene is enjoyable. Prudhvi deals with amusement in the second hour.


Upendra Madhav’s story and screenplay needs curiosity. He did his best to describe it in an engaging way. He doesn’t establish any extraordinary connection as a chief. He basically takes after the business format in narrating as well as the filmmaking.

Mani Sharma’s music is entirely normal. A few tunes are alright, yet it isn’t a great work from the veteran. Cinematography is great. Altering is fine. Discoursed are noteworthy. Creation esteems are fabulous.

Thumbs Up:

Comic drama

Kalyan Ram

Thumbs Down:

Threadbare second half

Routine content



In the first place half of MLA is good with enough excitement and fun scenes. There is a wind in the story at the interim and it moves to the political background in the second half. Executive who has kept up unfaltering chart till interim loses grasp post interim with a disgraceful second hour. Hero responding to the call of getting to be MLA makes it an anticipated one as we can undoubtedly think about what’s in store.

An entire outsider and an untouchable challenging decisions and turning into a MLA is told in the most advantageous way. The hero barely faces any obstacles in his expect to wind up a MLA. He does great deeds in the town to win the hearts of individuals, while the lowlife thinks of most silly counter assaults. One would expect a shrewd diversion amongst saint and miscreant in political setup, however the lowlife is a no match to legend inside and out. The hero’s trip to progress is a cake walk, in this way making MLA a dull passage.

Drama works in odds and ends, yet it isn’t sufficiently solid to overlook the shortcomings of the film. Battles are over the best and music is unremarkable. Business films require great activity part, music and different components to keep the group of onlookers engaged. Just thing that is great about the film is its exchange. Upendra Madhav completed a great job as a discourse author, however flops as a screenplay essayist.

Film goers have been dismissing such layout business films of late. Indeed, even enormous stars are not ready to pull off such routine passage these days. Anticipating that Kalyan Ram should influence this normal charge to work is a major inquire. The performer put forth a valiant effort and concocted impeccable execution, yet there isn’t much anyone could do with such an anticipated content. MLA may engage a degree to gathering of people that watches masala performers. It has opportunities to click in B and C focuses. On an entire, it is only a normal film with some fun minutes all over.